Hello, and welcome to White Hart Registered. We are a small, home-based breeder located in south Washington State.  We specialize in providing CARDIGAN WELSH CORGIS with correct conformation and the health and temperament to excel as your trusted companion in home, work and play.

We believe the Cardigan is unique in that it was bred to be an all-purpose working dog for Welsh farmers who could not afford specialists, such as Border Collies and Rat Terriers.  The Cardigan can do it all ... from keeping the barn free of vermin to keeping the chickens in the yard, from hunting down a rabbit for the family's dinner to cuddling up with the children in the evening, from retrieving the fallen pheasant to bringing in the cattle, sheep and goats.

We strive to maintain this diversity in our breeding program, seeking out only the healthiest dogs with sound temperament, proven working instincts and that most wonderful Cardigan quality ... keeping our feet warm and snuggly at night.

*As a means of protecting our puppies from being exploited by puppy mills and unscrupulous breeders, White Hart(R) Registered is an AKC Registered Kennel and a licensed trademark.

David & Barbara Miller
Gig Harbor, WA
(925) 786-8876