What on earth could be better than chocolate?

How about a little whirlwind of a puppy we have fondly nicknamed "Hurricane Daisy".   

As far as Daisy is concerned, there is no mountain high enough, no desert wide enough, there's nothing on earth that will keep her away from ... whatever she wants.

Although she is a little kinetic and frenetic at this tender, young age, Daisy is my dream come true.  To me, she is everything a Cardigan should be.  Eager to learn, happy to work alongside you, afraid of nothing, friendly, helpful, and so, so sweet.

Daisy and I are working together in Herding, Rally and Obedience.  

Daisy was shown to her conformation championship by Dixie Rae Sick.  

GCH Merrythought The Keeping Quilt x MHIT CH Coedwig's Grey Goose of White Hart, HSAs, CGC, STDsd, OTDd, JHDs, HTAD-Is, ROMVB
Photo by CorriAnne Photography & Design