Although it is tempting to focus solely on the dogs, I suppose we can't really do that without first talking about the people. White Hart Cardigans is supported by lead trainer, head food fixer and chief mom, Barbara R. Miller (me) and entertainment coordinator and best ball thrower, David Miller (my husband).

Working and competing with dogs has been a dream of mine since the beginning of time, but it wasn't until 2005 that I found myself in a position to begin doing so "for real". I had always had second-hand dogs, which I had rehabilitated and trained as welcome companions, but it wasn't until we were visiting my husband's parents in England that I saw my first Obedience Trial. The whole family had gathered around the t.v. to watch Crufts. Crufts is the biggest dog show event in the United Kingdom, and it attracts top dogs from many countries.  I had never seen competition-level obedience before, and I was "gobsmacked". I had never seen such happy, eager workers or such precise dog/human teamwork.  I knew that type of high-quality precision training of smiling, willing dogs was exactly what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

I began researching breeds (at that time mixed-breeds were not invited to compete), and I selected the Cardigan Welsh Corgi primarily for its size, attitude and unparalleled versatility. I then researched breeders and found Hope On Kennels and Tom Korzelius.  Tom listened to my endless hopes and dreams, trusted me to follow through on them, and chose the perfect puppy for me.  In May 2006, Charlie (Hope On's Prince of Wales, CD, RAE, PT, CGC, FFX-OG, TT) became a member of our family, and the rest is history, still in the making.

Oh, and by the way, we take our name, White Hart, from my husband's favorite English football (aka soccer) team, the Tottenham Hotspurs, which has forever had its stadium on White Hart Lane.  But, personally, I prefer the Legend of the White Hart, the mythical white stag that can never be killed, and when seen, is a sign of good things to come.